Avoid burnouts. Plan your breaks well.

Do Not Feel Guilty

Most importantly, DO NOT feel guilty about taking breaks. It is very important to keep mental health at par with physical health. Just like a machine, an overworked mind will achieve lesser.


Strain on eyes

Short Breaks

Virtual classes and online study materials have increased our screen time. Eyes tend to become dry and watery. Spend 5 minutes after every 2 hours to rest your eyes. Refer the link to follow these basic eye exercises.

Taking short breaks is very important to avoid burnouts. Plan 3-4 short breaks of 15-20 minutes a day after you complete a difficult topic.


Music over TV

It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re watching TV or Youtube. Gentle music on the other hand is not only relaxing but easy to fit in your schedule.

Phone a Friend

Having an actual conversation with a good friend can de-stress your mind. Talk to a friend who motivates you and gives you a morale boost. But keep track of time, do not spend over 10 minutes on the phone.